Talking helps

The main problem I found when my daughter passed away was that no one wanted to talk about her. Whenever spoke about her, they would ignore what I said and change the conversations. It made me think that perhaps they had not heard me. However, after mentioning this to other bereaved parents, they told me that the same thing happened to them.
Even family members who had loved our child weren’t interested in sharing memories of family gatherings. We know it was difficult for them to deal with, but they seemed to overlook the fact that for us it was 100% harder for us. After all they could go home and find distractions to preoccupy their minds, we couldn’t do this we had no choice but to endure every single second of our situation.
I believe that most people including family try to do their best to help us. Yet we might need to explain to them that all they need to do is allow us to talk, cry with us and not avoid or tears but cry too, if they want to. It is difficult however it will gradually get easier and one day you’ll find yourselves laughing despite the inner pain you have.

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