Books worth reading

When I was first bereaved I found reading books to be difficult. My mind could not think beyond my grief and even magazines were impossible their content seemed to be so trivial. Eventually, I began to seek books that had been written on how to deal with children’s deaths and how the parents coped. I felt let down to some extent as most books generalised on how to deal with bereavement few focused on the loss of a child.
One book that I did succeed in finding one called, ‘Why Bad Things Happen to Good People?’ This way written by a father, a rabbi, whose son died from a syndrome which caused a progressive fatal aging process. Reading this book was not easy, but it did help me to understand other people had to endure life after losing their child and in many different ways.
Another book I found to be helpful is, ‘ ‘Life After Death, A Mother’s Story’ by Jeany Pavett.
/blockquote> ‘When parents lose a child, it seems like the pain will never end. But through God, all things are possible.

I found that writing down my thoughts it gave my mind respite from them churning constantly, going over and over again, the events of the last day of my daughter’s life. I didn’t want to forget about her, but my brain was needing a rest, especially since sleep wasn’t easy – except when exhaustion took over. And then waking to be filled with guilt that I had actually stop thinking about Lisa long enough to have fallen asleep.
However, after writing about what was on my mind I stopped feeling guilt and was able to relax, but only falling asleep once I knew what to write the next evening.
Initially, this writing was only for me and helped me to move forward in my grief. Later on came the idea of approaching a publisher with the view of producing a book. Eventually, ‘One Step at a Time / Mourning a Child’ was published. This book is now available on print on demand and as an eBook for all eReaders and PCs.

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