Group support

When we experience life changing events it is very easy to believe that nobody else has ever felt as we do, because they don’t understand how much we are hurting.
However, once we begin to tell others how we are trying to get over it but to no avail we can start to move forward. We will come to realise that there are indeed folk who do know what it is like. When we share thoughts and feelings that allows them to share their experiences of loss with you.
This is the real benefit of joining a support group. Their child may have died from a different cause and at a different age from your child, but the way they are dealing with their bereavement may give us ideas which we can try.
If, you click on the link on this site, you can find a group meeting where you live. Your contact details, only with your permission, to the group leader who will contact you and probably arrange a one to one meeting with you and explain what happens at a group so that you can decide if and when you are ready to attend. Some meet weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

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