Talking to other bereaved parents

For myself my main source of help came from The Compassionate Friends ( TCF ), when I made my initial contact with them, it was such a great relief to find people who knew what I was experiencing because they were bereaved parents too, they were further along in their ‘journey’ of grief for their own child(ren). For the first time in my mourning I didn’t need to feel apologetic for wanting and needing to talk about my daughter and how much I ached for her. At the time in 1983 the main method of contact was letter or phone. However, now there are many easier ways to communicate and find parents who are willing to listen to us.
TCF host an online Forum where you can get together with other parents and find an outlet for airing your anger, pain and ongoing mixed emotions. Should you wish to use the Forum click on the link on this page.

One thought on “Talking to other bereaved parents”

  1. I. Cannot imagine how it must feel to lose a beloved child. Any and every kind of support must be welcomed. I would like to think that everyone is well meaning although they might get it wrong. When I lost my brother I needed to talk about him and this gave me comfort. Some people who are grieving cannot do this everyone is different. I hope your blog brings comfort to you and others in the same position.


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