You are not alone

Grieving can be a very lonely experience. Different people have varying degrees of how the death of a close friend or family member affects them and mourning a child is no different in this respect. However, the main difference is that we can put those other deaths into perspective because they have happened to an older person so in the ‘natural scheme of things’ it is a fact that these things happen or they did not live with us; and despite the pain of the loss we are able to gradually get on with life.
However, for grieving parents this does not happen not for a very long time if ever. How can it? The child was a part of their parents lives every single day. If an adult child dies the parents have to readjust to this too.
For some they may have family and friends who will help them by providing distractions, but for many the feelings of isolation are overwhelming and finding reasons to get out of bed in the mornings is extremely hard.
If you should find yourself in this dilemma, go on line to find a bereavement support agency that can help or visit your GP and ask for counselling. Don’t feel disappointed with yourself for asking for support its actually the bravest, in my opinion, thing you can do, as you are ready to face and deal with your wide and varied emotions.
see the archive on this page for names of various bereavement agencies. Alternatively, type into your browser what you child died from and you should be able to find the best one for your particular situation.

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