Bereaved parents helping each other

When the first few bereaved parents started meeting in each others homes, in January 1969, they found a level of understanding and compassion they hadn’t experienced anywhere else. While the couples still had a great deal of pain and anguish to endure – they discovered that talking about these to people who were also having to cope with the same emotions in some way helped each one slowly learn to live without their children.
The most important thing for all was finding a place where they could speak freely about their loss, pain and ultimately their child. They could speak their child’s name and people would be happy to listen, instead of turning away or changing the subject not wanting to hear or understand how important it is for us to say our child’s name aloud.
Those six or so parents became the foundation of what has grown into The Compassionate Friends which now has bereaved parent support in many countries across the world.
So wherever you live in the world type into your search engine http// You will be taken to the TCF UK website where you can find a link or address for your nearest TCF contact person who can help you on a regular one to one basis and tell you where the nearest group meeting is.

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