Poetry helps bereaved parents

When my daughter passed away I was surprised by how much I needed to talk, repeating to each of the visitors who came to offer sympathy, the whole scenario of the last day of her life. I don’t understand why I had to do this, but, of course everyone wanted to know what happened. I did welcome these questions and when people were in the apartment it meant I was distracted – that is, I didn’t need to think too deeply – so perhaps I was using conversation as a delaying tactic. Although, at the time I wasn’t aware of doing so.

After some weeks, when people came to visit I stopped talking about the accident, I didn’t want to put people off calling in, but I did really need their company. However, I still needed to realise the emotions building up inside and this was when I was inspired to write down everything. I have been writing ever since. Today I want to share with you the first and best poem I have written pertaining to my grief, I hope you are helped by the words. I know not all bereaved parents have a faith, but please respect my right to mine, thank you.

The Garden

Many miles away from here
In a land of sun and sea
There is a beautiful garden
Where God came to call on me

He said he needed Lisa
I said, ‘but, I need her, too.
But if your need is greater
Take her to be with you

You want to take my daughter
Then, please send me your Son
To help me through the hurt
Then let Thy will be done

You sent to me your Spirit
To walk along this road
To support me if I ever
Could not bear the load

Thank you, Lord, for loving me
And giving me new hope
For answering all my prayers
And teaching me to cope.

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