Bereaved parents helping each other

When our child dies it is easy to feel that we are the only parents to experience such pain and anguish that results. It can take us a while to look beyond ourselves and to understand that others have indeed have had to endure life after losing their children.When we become aware of this fact we might want to seek out these parents and to ask them how they have been able to move forward in their grieving.
For me this took several months, for others weeks and yet for others years and still others who decide to go it alone. No way is wrong as we can only do what is right for each of us.
I was unaware of needing help until I reached out to help others, but in doing this, I found empathy which I didn’t know existed. From writing a letter to the then Scottish Co-ordinator I became the County Contact for The Compassionate Friends (TCF)in the North East of Scotland.Then with three other bereaved mothers formed a group that met once a month.
There are many of these groups throughout the UK. Some meet more frequently than others and include dads as well as mums, some also have siblings groups. Please click on the link on this page and find your nearest group, phone the meeting organizer to introduce yourself or just turn up on the evening.
You might want to come to one of the Gatherings planned like the Scottish Forum, the National, International or one of the smaller Regional ones.
However, if none of these appeal to you, click on the link anyway, as I am sure
The Compassionate Friends will be able to support you through this most difficult of tasks you may ever have to deal with.

2 thoughts on “Bereaved parents helping each other”

    1. Thanks for the comment. I am sure that you would have helped me if you had known me at the time when Lisa died, but I believe that I was meant to find my own way to cope and I could only do that by being far away from family otherwise they would have taken over and told me what I should do and since away back then I was weak and very biddable I would have done what I was told.
      I understand that people try to do the right thing to help us, but sometimes because they don’t understand our pain and depth of loss we have to endure – their words can be meaningless and even hurtful – this is why for some of us will seek the company of those who are going through the same experience.


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