Bereavement can be lonely

When I was first bereaved I imagined that no one else in the world could possibly understand how it felt when one of your children dies. My world had changed irrevocably and nothing could be done about it. I did know that children died, but that was something that happen to others, not me. How wrong was I?
After several months when the pain and longing were getting worse rather than easing-up, I thought I was going mad. I was stuck and didn’t know how to move on or even if I wanted to do this, would it be a betrayal of my daughter.
Then one day I watched a programme on which two mothers were talking about their children’s and an organization called The Compassionate Friends (TCF). I jotted down their contact details, and then after a few weeks, wrote to TCF.
From them I gained the help I needed to begin the slow process of moving on. I learned that the emotions and pain and longing were all part of ‘normal’ grieving and eventually, I developed coping strategies to help me through the more difficult days. Yes, I did reach a point when I could choose how to deal with anniversaries, birthdays and other emotional triggers; instead of sinking under the strain of rebuilding a life I never thought I would want to endure without my daughter.
Now, I am thankful that I have found TCF and I hope to help other bereaved parents do the same. Perhaps, they can also reach the point where I am today – living my life for the sake of my daughter, whom I know I will meet again when we are reunited in heaven. Yes, I do still miss her and always will, but she has simply gone on ahead of me to heaven.

One thought on “Bereavement can be lonely”

  1. i only wished I could of been there for you betty., I sure wished I met ,.lisa,,..shes the wee girl that’s in the back ground when my father turns up ,. it happened way way back befor we met ., then you & dave took me to the grave ,. LISA & I,. were real friends,. after that ,.
    I thank you betty
    cousins 4 ever hugs& kisses


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