Mary knows our pain

When I was first bereaved of my daughter, I thought that I was the only one who had to suffer the incredible pain that I had to endure. I thought no one could possibly understand. However, as time slowly moved on, I learned that other parents had experienced the death of their son or daughter, and in some cases more than one child.
Many blame God for the tragedy. Asking why he did not stop the thing that caused their death. Why should such bad things happen to any of us? I am no different than you are – none of us are to blame – sadly it is a fact of life that some people die young.
Nevertheless, we need not walk the road of grief alone. The Compassionate Friends,, helps bereaved parents, whose children have died at any age and from any cause, 0-99 yrs of age.
Jesus, mother Mary watched as her son was tortured, nailed to a part of a tree and died in agony. She was every bit as human as we are, therefore, she knows how we feel…

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