A goodbye that’s not forever

Parents expect to live long enough to see their children with fulfilled lives enjoying being in a loving relationship and no worries about the future.
When these hopes are confounded by the death of our child its something that had never entered our minds, for most of us anyway. Most of us would not have foreseen this tragedy which we are now having to deal with.
From that time on we have to slowly learn to live without that precious and much loved person being around. This takes a long time to do and some never will manage.
For, myself, I could never have dealt with my loss without my faith in God which gave me the strength to confront the death of my daughter by writing down my feelings.
It was not an easy route, I took, however it was the only way for me to cope.
After many, many years of pain, tears and anguish, I came to understand that wherever I go in the world my daughter be there, too. Furthermore, I realised that the love I have for her is the same as it ever was. Concluding with the fact that I would rather suffer from the loss of her than never had given birth to her.