Agencies that support bereaved parents

The name of Foundation for the Study of Infant Death is now The Lullaby Trust. This organisation helps parents whose baby dies within the first few months of life.

SANDS, Stillbirth and Neonatal Deaths, is for parents who need support if their baby dies at birth,soon after or before birth. Anyone wishing to contact them can type SANDS into their search engine and then follow the links to their website.

For Survivors of Bereavment by Suicide there is advice and support available contact them by typing SOBS into your search engine or by email:

They offer help for parents whose baby dies soon after they were born.

Further help

There are many groups available for supporting bereaved parents such as Cruse. There are others who help specific needs of different causes of child death, The Miscarriage Association, Neo-natal, Murdered children and Survivors of Suicide, are just a few. To find a group which might be able to help you just type a keyword or two into your search engine.
The Compassionate Friends offers support to all family members and has within it other sub-groups for instance a Siblings support network that can help your other children cope while you can be helped at the same time. To find out how they can do this click on the link on this page.

Another website you might want to have a look at is Saying Goodbye
This is an online help source for parents whose baby dies during pregnancy, at birth or very young.
It is run by the Mariposa Trust and offers church services throughout the UK and North America. Go to their website and click on the link ‘list of services’to find the dates and locations of their planned services.


One of the worst things about bereavement is the feeling of isolation.
There are many people to help at first with the funeral arrangements and perhaps
for a few weeks afterwards visitors still come to see that you are alright. However,
eventually we are left to ‘get on with it’ and these times might be a blessing.
Yet it’s often when the full impact of our loss hits home. At this point others might
not come around so much.
We feel like talking over the death or about our lost child but there is no one willing to listen.
This is where self-help groups can prove invaluable.
To find out more about The Compassionate Friends (TCF) click on the links. Where you will find
parents who are wanting to support you.